How to create Bing ads account

Today we are discussing bing ads. Bing ads is also a very popular Adsense account.

This is Microsoft company’s search engine. mostly use bing in US, India and many popular countries.

If you don’t know about bing ads then I tell you it is also similar to Google Adsense.

        Now as you already read in the title. now we create bing ads account.

Please open our new tab. follow my instructions one by one to create bing ads account very easily.

        Bing is Microsoft company platform.

Create an account bing ads

First of all, open your new tab

Then type in search box “Bing ads” and press enter button which is on your keyboard.

Then click your first result may be “” Bing ads-Microsoft.

Now you are on Microsoft’s dashboard because Bing is Microsoft’s platform that why we have to create an account on

If you have already account then click on sign-in button.

        If you open this window first time then you go to the top right corner on your desktop screen Microsoft window and click on “sign up now”

        Now you have a popup screen window which is asking you your email, phone, Skype this bar. one more option available it is “create one”

        We are creating a new account that why we click on create one then go to the next window.

        Now it creates “an account window”. In this window, you write your email id and click on next button.

After this another window. It creates a password window so create a password and click on the Next button.

        Thereafter you have “what’s your name” window write here your first name. in second-line type your last name. Click on next button.

        Know to open your email account in new tab .you have a verification code in your inbox.

        Copy this code and paste in your “verify email” window then click on the Next button.

        Now if every information which is provided by you is correct then you are in create know window.

        Please fill these character which is for incurring are you a real person creating this account. If you do not understand these characters click on the new button.

And click on the Next button.

Now you are in login widow of Microsoft advertising account. your account is setup .in top bar you can see your account id “123 456 7890” in numbers.

        I use this demo numbers your id is different than these numbers.

        Know we have to fill other essential information.

Legal business name

You can fill here your company name/ or you start industry.

First name

Last name


Phone number

Business location


After the fill, all details click on check buttons which belongs to agreement and terms and conditions.

        Read carefully terms and conditions.

And click on create account button.

Now your advertisement account is created.

        In this page under the create account heading it shows one congratulations message.

        One more great things I goanna teach you is the option is

Import from Google adverts. if you want to import the Google ads campaigns of your Google AdWords account to Microsoft Bing ads account.

        Then you have this import option. Click on import from Google AdWords and import your campaigns. and here one more option is “create a new campaign”

        If you want to create a new campaign then you go for this option.

        I hope you are creating your Bing ads account successfully and get success on your future aim

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