How to make word press website part- 1

If you’re a professional web developer you’re probably using WordPress anyways so imagine with this new way to create a website making your clients website in days instead of weeks or months I think there’ll be so much happier and also you could probably make more money if you can turn around the websites a lot quicker you can also create this website using a Mac or PC all the software is online so it doesn’t really matter what you use and yourwebsite will work on all devices like your desktops your tablets and your mobile phones you follow the steps and do the things thatI do you’re going towebsite and it’s gonna be amazing nowlet’s go over the basic steps to createour website it may be the most importantthing how much everything is going tocost there are four basic steps tocreate your website that’s getting yourdomain name getting hosting installingWordPress and actually creating ourwebsite the first thing that we’re gonnado is get your domain name your domainname is the same thing as your websitename Google’s domain name is Google commy domain name is Tyler com your domainname could be anything you want it’s basically just the name ofyour website some people refer to it asa domain name or a website name or a URLand your domain name cost about thirteendollars per year the next thing thatwe’re gonna do is get hosting hosting isa computer that’s on 24 hours a dayseven days a week that holds all of yourwebsite information so if you only had adomain name but no hosting people wouldbe able to type in your website com butthere would be no logo no text no imagesthat show up because you need somewhereto hold all the information in order todeliver it to people 24 hours a dayseven days a week 365 days a year inthat cost about ten dollars a month youget a bigger discount by signing up fourmore months at a time which is probablythe smart thing to do and that could godown to about five dollars a month sothe next thing that we’re gonna do isinstall WordPress WordPress is what’scalled a content management system whichis just a fancy way of saying it helpsyou manage all of your content soinstead of having to do code and allthis complex stuff all you have to do isdrag in images and type and changearound some settings and you have awebsite so we need to install thatWordPress software onto your website andluckily for us WordPress is open sourceand free the next thing that we need todo is create your website so thisincludes building your pages choosingyour colors putting in all your imagesand content and all the tools that I’mgonna be showing you in this video aregonna be absolutely free and you’regonna be creating your website yourselfso you don’t need to pay anyone to do itso that’s also free so the total cost tostart creating our website would be $23but I do have a discount so that’s gonnabring it down to $10 and 37 cents tostart your website and to bedistributing it all across the worldwhich i think is really awesomeourso let’s do steps 1 & 2 we’re gonna getyour domain name and hosting and luckilywe could do that at the same placeHostgator com so the first thing thatwe’re gonna do is open up our browserand we’re gonna get our domain name andhosting so to do that you can just go that’shost:2 RCom and press enterand I think Hostgator is really greatthey have 24/7 365 live chat email orphone support and I’ve personally beenwith them for 13 years and their pricesare really good but there are thousandsand thousands of different hostingcompanies and obviously I haven’t triedall of them and if you do go withanother host then this tutorial is goingto be a little bit different but itshould still be super easy to followalong so next we’re gonna see all ofthese different options web hostingwebsite builder cloud hosting wordpresshosting reseller VPS dedicated indomains and you might be thinking ifwe’re doing a WordPress website why notdo WordPress hosting but in my opinionthat just has so many different bellsand whistles they don’t really need andyou can always upgrade later so we’rejust gonna stick with web hosting so goahead and click on that and if we scrolldown a little bit we’re gonna see thatwe have three different plans thehatchling plan the baby plan and thebusiness plan the business plan in myopinion just has way too much stuff thatyou really don’t need so it really isbetween the hatchling and the baby planthe difference between these is that thebaby plan offers unlimited domains soyou can have like your website com yourmom’s website or a friend’s website netor a business clients website you canhave as many websites as you want butwith the hatchling plan you can onlyhave one website so like your websitecom but because you can always upgradeyour website at any time and you’reprobably only starting off with onewebsite I recommend getting thehatchling plan so we’re just gonna clickon buy now and now it’s gonna ask us tochoose our domain name akaour website name and we can eitherregister a new domain name or you cansay I already own this domain name maybeyou bought a domain name from somewherelike and you already have ityou can enter it in right here so you’dput I already have this domain nameComNetor whatever your website is you just putit in right here but because we areregistering a new domain name

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