How to make word press website part- 2

I’m just gonna click on register a new domain and I’m just gonna put in my new domain learn how to create a website combut you can choose dot online site dotstore dot website sometimes the dot-com isn’t available or sometimes it’s just kind of cool to have the dot store dotspace or host or net but I’m just gonna choose com then it’s gonna ask you do you want the dot Club site net online dot space dot Damita infodakota biz that host and i think theanswer to that is no you don’t need allof these different websites you justneed one to focus on in my opinion andhaving the code is host isn’t reallygonna help you in my opinion so we’rejust gonna skip that next it’s gonna askyou do you want domain privacyprotection and what this is is when youregister a new domain name it puts yourbusiness name and business address andphone number and email in a place whereif someone looks up your website theycan see it now I’m really torn aboutthis because on one hand I really trustpeople and I feel like it should be outthere for people to contact you but onthe other hand I have heard a couple ofpeople complain that they get some spamcalls from people so this one is reallyup to you if you definitely don’t wantany spam calls or people contacting youthen definitely get privacy protectionbut I trust people so I’m just going touncheck it because it does also cost$14.95 a year all right so next itsgonna ask us to choose a hosting planand for our package type we already wentover this so I’m just gonna go withhatchling and for the billing cycle thebasic strategy here is the longer you gofor the bigger the discount you get butthe more it is upfront and the shorteryou go for the less amount of discountyou get but the least amount upfront soit probably is the smartest to go withthe three months six month twelve monthor beyond to get the biggest discountand I’m gonna show you how to get a evenbigger discount in just a second but ifyou want it to be the least amount offront then you’d go with the one monthall right after that just enter in yourusername and security pin and then allof your informationlike email first name last name phonenumber address country and I’m gonnachange my state because I’m inCalifornia then you could put in yourcredit card or PayPal and now it’s gonnaask us what additional services do wewant so for the first one is SiteLockmonitoring and this protects your sitefrom hackers and we can always add thison later so I don’t think that we reallyneed it so I’m just going to uncheck itand for site backup I’m going to showyou how to do that yourself so I don’tthink that we need it so we’re justgoing to uncheck it and we can see thatthe amount due is 23 dollars in ninetycents and I think that is an amazingdeal to get your website out on theinternet and just to be sharing with theworld but if you enter in a coupon codesave code SAV e c.o de and clickvalidate that goes down to ten dollarsand 37 cents now if you went with adifferent plan like you got a threemonth six-month or twelve month or alonger plan it’s gonna give you an evenbigger discount percent wise but again Ithink it’s just amazing that you canhave your website on the internet forten dollars and 37 cents that’s justcrazynow this is my coupon code and Hostgatortold me that this is the biggest codethat there is and I do get credit for itso it’s definitely a win-win situationand I really appreciate you putting itin it helps me make these tutorialsabsolutely free alright next we’re gonnareview our order we have 24/7 365 phonelive chat email support instant accountactivation money-back guarantee ourdomain registration and the hatchlingplan so we can just scroll down andclick you have read and agree to hostGators Terms of Service and clickcheckout now so congratulations we’reall done getting your domain name andhosting the next thing that we’re gonnado is install WordPress to do that allyou have to do is click on hosting andyou can click WordPress one-clickinstallation it might also be calledquick install sometimes if you’re onanother host or even Hostgator itselfit’s called quick install so you caneither click WordPress one-clickinstallation or you can click on quickinstall alright once you do that we canclose this tab and then we can selectour domain name now I have a whole bunchof domain names but you probably onlyhaveone so I’m going to choose my domainname learn how to create a website calmthen it’s gonna ask you do you want toput something in this directory thisslash directory and we want to leavethis blank because we don’t wantwordpress installed on your website commforward slash something we want it justinstalled on your main website calm ifwe look down here it says letter pro doit for you and it costs 399 or $1.99 or$99 and that is just way too much we’redoing it all of ourself right now so youdon’t need to have a pro do it for youand spend all this money it’s super easyalright now we can just click on nextthen it’s gonna ask us to enter in theblog title which is the same as yourwebsite name so I’m just gonna put increate a website but you can put inwhatever you want because we can alwayschange this later it’s super easy andI’m going to show you how next for adminuser you could put in your name or adminfirst name last name I’m just gonna putin my first name and last name and myemail address then I’m gonna make sureautomatically creating a new database ischecked and agree to the Terms ofService and click install alright now wecan wait for WordPress to install andnow our installation is complete I toldyou it was super easy under installationdetails I like to copy this and paste itsomewhere safe or print it out so that Ihave it just in case I accidentallyclose this tab and now we can go to ourwebsite but if we do go to our websiteand we just registered this new websiteit isn’t going to work so we can go toit and we can see that it’s not workingand that’s because it takes a couple ofhours maybe one to two sometimes up to24 but it usually doesn’t take that longin order for your website to spreadacross the entire world so all we needto do is wait a little while you can goto the beach go to the park play withyour kids play an online game

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