How to make word press website part- 3

I don’tknow I’m going to go to the beach rightnow and I will be back in just a secondalright I’m back it’s been a couple ofhours now I’m going to check my websiteso I’m just gonna type in my websitename and it works it says website comingsoon but that’s how you know that it isworking so we are all done installingWordPress the next step that we’re goingto do is tolog into WordPress it’s super easy so tolog into WordPress all you have to do isgo to your website comm forward slash WPdash admin that’s WP dash ad mi n andpress enter and this is how you log intoWordPress so we could just copy ourusername and passwordI could type in our username here andpaste our password and press loginonce we do that we are now logged intothe dashboard that’s what it’s calledwhen you log in it’s called thedashboard and we’re gonna make it somuch better and up here is called thetoolbar and it’s only there when you’relogged in so no one else sees it if theygo to your website only you can see itbecause you’re logged in so the nextthing that we’re gonna do is change ourpassword so we have that really longfunky password that’s hard to rememberright now but we want to change it toour own password so all you have to dois hover over your website name and goback to the dashboard and click on usersand under your username click Editalright then after you do that we canscroll down all the way to the bottomand click on generate password and undernew password I’m just gonna hide mine sothe entire internet doesn’t log into mywebsite you could then type in your ownpassword and click update profilealright now we have our entire websitewith our new password and we are donewith that the next thing that we’regonna do is delete all of our pluginsbut what are plugins plugins help youextend the functionality of WordPressand what that basically means is thatWordPress doesn’t come with everythingit doesn’t come for example with areally cool contact form or a reallyreally cool way to edit the website butone of the best things about WordPressis that anyone can build things forWordPress so people build all of thesedifferent things for WordPress and youcan add them on it’s like by defaultyour house doesn’t have a refrigeratorbut you buy it and now your house canchill food and by default your housedoesn’t have a TV but you get one andnow you can be entertained withmovies that’s the same idea with aplug-in WordPress can’t do everythingbut you can install these free pluginsand now you could do a whole bunch morecool things but sometimes in order forthe hosting companies to offer you sucha good dealthey’ll make partnerships with plug-indevelopers and its plugins that youdon’t really need so I’m not gonna bemad at the hosting companies for doingthis they’re offering everyone a reallygood deal on hosting but you don’t needall of these unnecessary plugins so Iwant to show you how to delete all theplugins that you really don’t need to dothat click on plugins and then you canscroll down and check off the plug-inbox that will make all of the pluginsselected then from the drop-down choosedeactivate and apply or deactivating allthe plugins and then check the plug-inbox again that will select all of themand go to the drop down box again and goto delete and apply that will delete oneby one all of your plugins and now yourwebsite is clean and you don’t have allthese plugins advertising things to youonce we do that we’re gonna changesomething called permalinks and theeasiest way to explain it is to show youan example so if we hover over ourwebsite name and click on visit site andwe scroll down and click on this helloworld recent post up here in the URL itsays your website com forward slashindex dot PHP forward slash 20 1803 26hello world now if we go to the googlewebsite or Apple website and we click ontheir about page it just is gonna sayApple com fourth slash about it’s notgonna say Apple com forward slash indexdot PHP blah blah blah blah blah so wewant to get rid of this index dot PHPbecause it isn’t professional and you dothat through permalinks so to do thatwe’re gonna go back into the dashboardand let’s get rid of this box right hereand we’re gonna go to settings thenpermalinks now we can see under customstructure it has this crazy way ofdisplaying your URL and we just want itto be simple so we’re just gonna clickon post name scroll down and click SaveChanges now if we go back and visit oursiteand go back to that hello world we’regonna see it’s our website calm /hello -world which is perfect alright the nextthing that we’re going to do is we’regoing to make sure that WordPress isup-to-date so we’re just going to hoverover our website name and go back intothe dashboard and then click on updatesand it looks like our WordPress is up todate so that is perfect the next thingthat we’re going to do is change but ifwe change the theme of the website itwill look a different and much betterway so to change your theme just go toappearance and click on themes

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