How to add website in google search console

How to submit blogger in google search console

First of all type google search console in google then click on start know button

If you use first time google search console then you look on top left corner on your screen you see there add property button

          Click on that button then it will open in front of you a popup screen.

          In the pop-up screen, it shows two options

1 domain

2 Url prefix

          According to me, you should use URL prefix because you don’t need any change of domains DNS.

          Then you have must blogs URL. copy your blogs URL and paste it on URL prefix then click on the continue button. which is given below on popup dashboard

          Then you should go for ownership verified. Then you go to your blogger’s dashboard . on the dashboard you have some potions as









Reading lists

Help and feedback

          Then click on theme option then you see top right screen three dots option on your screen. Click on these three dots.

          Three dots provide you with a dropdown menu list in this list you have these options.



Switch to first-generation classic theme


Mobile settings

          Then you should click on edit HTML text. Know you go to your HTML code page. then go to the header section on it.


Press enter then

Just after this head text, you should paste the code which is copied by you on google search console screen then click on save button

          Thereafter you go to your google search console screen. after that, you see your website name is showing on your top left screen on your computers google search console

          This is all about the method for blogger

How WordPress website add on google search console

Know I am telling you

How WordPress website add on google search console

Go to the dashboard on your WordPress website then you click on plugins

          Click on add new plugin then you have got a search bar on your right side of your screen search Yoast SEO plugin

          Then install now and activate your plugin

Click here to download Yoast SEO plugin

          Then you go to your word press dashboard. hover your cursor to options which is display on your left side screen.

There is one option SEO hover your cursor on SEO and click on the general setting

          Then you go to webmaster tool on it. Thereafter you go to your WordPress site and copy the URL of your website.

          After that open your google search console screen . in your screen top left corner you see add property button. it is just bellow of google search screen heading.

Then select URL prefix and paste your copied text on the enter URL bar and click on the continue button

          Then click on HTML tag button and copy the code. After that, you go to your WordPress screen which is open in a new tab and click on SEO webmaster tools.

          In this page, third options are google verification code paste it to code which you had copied earlier than click on save button

          Now your setting is saved know you go to your previous tab which verifies ownership and click on verify button.

          Then click on go to the property

Now you can check the top left on your screen it shows your property name I mean to say that your website name

 it is the process of how you add your website in google search console but still, we have lots of functions to know about Google search console

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