Tips for blogging on google

Hello friend. Do you want to start blogging on Google?

Yes. So what are you waiting for?

      Oh, you have some problem. Are you needed to advice? Don’t worry we the blogauthentic is here to advise you for good blogging technics.

      just follow our step by step. You will feel after some time you became a genius in blogging carrier.

      Yes, it is also correct that blogging is going to a difficult day by day. It is because of new bloggers.

      Bloggers are increasing in multiple times every day. the reason behind it .in blogging on Google has a very profitable some times.

      It fully depends on your knowledge and passion for blogging on Google.

      Yes, it is true blogger has lots of ways to earn money but if you are a better blogger then other bloggers.

      Your earning is fully depending on your blog writing skill.

      If you do not have knowledge about how to setup blogger account or Word Press website then we will help you definitely.

      Instead of if you do not have knowledge about your niche then nobody can help that case, only you can help your own.

      Read books, go to do some fieldwork, and gain some experience about your niche.

      It is a crystal clear thing that your content is the king in your overall career in blogging.

So please take your niche according to your knowledge.

      Now the question is how we can help you in blogging. So because of my years of experience in blogging.

      I will tell you some tips which play an important role in your blogging on Google.

So I don’t waste our time. We both go to our main topic which is some tips for blogging on Google.

      First of all, if you if want to start blogging on Google you should have your website.

How to get a website?

You go to blogger for blogging.

The second way is you should contract any programmer.

The third way is to make your website on WordPress by oneself

      My first point is the go-to blogger for blogging is the old way of blogg9ing with some restrictions.

      This is a series of blogging. So we take our first point in another blog.

My second way is a costly way of blogging on Google because sometimes if you want to a high functional website. Programmer charges it costly.

      If you are new in blogging then don’t go for it.

Now we take my third point it is WordPress.

      WordPress is a fully functioned free platform for blogging on google .there is some expenses for the domain name and hosting .after that you will ready to create your website

So our first point is to use word press in your initial stage of blogging.    

Make your own content.                

Use elementer pro if you afford it.

Use niche related domain name.

Don’t install unnessecry plugins on your WordPress website because it increases your loading time.

Do some more research before writing content?

Go for a good title which is related to your content.

Use a long-tail keyword.

Uses good tags.

Always use maximum tags.

Always use copyright-free images in your blog.

Never use any automated tools

Share your post in social media.

Use internal links or external links.

Create maximum backlinks.

Active regularly.

Post regularly your blogs.

Use short paragraphs.

These are some points to make a better blog and do better blogging on Google.

If you want to more deep knowledge then follow my other blogs.

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